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Know when a new issue is out in moments!

There are many ways to help developping Full Circle Notifier, we've listed some of them below.i

Feature requests

Feel like something's missing from the notifier? Head over to our issue tracker, and add an enhancement request (you can change the type on the right). Make sure it hasn't already been requested though!

Bug reporting

We do our best to make sure there are no issues with the notifier, but in case something slips through we'd like you to let us know. You can either contact us, or go directly to our bug tracker and report the problem there.


If you'd like to help with packaging, head over to our mailing list, and let us know. You can find out the steps needed to build the notifier on our download page.


If you want to help develop the notifier, you can get the latest source code from our Mercurial repository. You can find instructions for cloning on that page. From there you can build and modify the app as you please under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 or later. Feel free to send us patches for bugs or even to add new features.